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Engaging your customers
with Marketing Campaign

The omnichannel messaging capability that Infobip adds to
Adobe's best-in-class solutions enables businesses to effectively
engage with their customers via SMS and WhatsApp, ensuring
global reach and high delivery rates

Direct Access to Scalable Messaging

Choose the best channel to connect with every individual customer.

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made easy

Simplify digital transformation with Adobe and Infobip. With Infobip get access to multiple channels through a single interface, backed up by skilled consultants, 24/7 support, and an easily scalable messaging infrastructure.

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Revenue growth
through innovation

The ability to meet customers on their preferred channels offers businesses the ability to go beyond their traditional shop fronts, innovate fast, and drive new revenue growth.

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Instant access
to a global network

Get instant and direct access to over 700 MNOs globally – the largest network of any communications platform. This means messages are delivered as quickly, reliably and securely.

Use Cases

  • Adobe Campaign
  • Adobe Commerce


Send timely reminders to customers on the channel that they are most likely to see.

Promotions and discounts

Maximize engagement by sending promotions and discount offers by SMS.

Avoid Cart Abandonment

Send SMS reminders when customers have not completed a purchase or registration and entice them back to complete the transaction.

Customer feedback

Easily gather and track customer feedback at scale with automated SMS messages.

Cart abandonment

A reminder to finish the purchase

Back in stock

Notification about viewed products that were not available at the time

Order status

Message providing information about the made purchase

Celebrating special occasions

Promotional offers triggered by certain time-sensitive events (birthdays, holidays, etc.)

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