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Allow interaction with customers via Infobip SMS and WhatsApp on HubSpot

About the

Deliver great customer experience by allowing your support and sales executives to interact with their customers on Infobip WhatsApp. Use WhatsApp Automation to sync your WhatsApp API account with HubSpot and:

  • Use the custom workflow action “Send WhatsApp Message” to Send Automated Alerts and Notifications to Customers on WhatsApp and provide updates and information in a quick and efficient manner.
  • Use workflow triggers based on WhatsApp messages to generate automatic tickets for your support executives and enable them to provide the best experience to your customers.
  • Accelerate your Sales Process by automating responses to messages using the custom workflow action and creating tasks for sales members.
  • Send automatic WhatsApp reminders to your customer for upcoming meetings, webinars, online sessions etc.
  • Ensure Security by providing verification and authentication codes to customers during login via fast and secure, WhatsApp messages.
  • Set up WhatsApp Chatbots or Chatflows and set automatic actions like creating a task/ticket based on conversation messages while all conversations get recorded on HubSpot.

Integration features

  • Send Automated Messages and Set Auto Replies
  • Share Payment Options with Customers through Automated Messages
  • Send Reminder Messages on WhatsApp
  • Generate Tickets and More with Triggers Based WhatsApp Messages
  • Automate Acknowledgements to Form Submissions

About the

HubSpot SMSDeliver great customer experience by allowing your support and sales executives to interact with their customers on Infobip SMS.

Use SMS Automation to sync your SMS account with HubSpot and:

  • Send promotional messages to enagage existing or new customers
  • Send Auto Alerts and reminders for meetings, payments and more
  • Automate Replies and Ticket Creation Based on Messages Received
  • Automate Responses and Create Tasks to Accelerate Sales Process

What SMS features you have?

  • Global coverage. You dont have to think about location of your customer or local regulations, we have you covered so you can scale easily.
  • The fastest and most reliable delivery rates available out there. Not only that you we give you access, but we also ensure quality and speed of delivery. In that way we avoid friction in customer experience.
  • Sent and delivered message statuses in real time. We know when there is an error on the message end, so you can react and engage customer through some other channel.
  • 24/7 support in 10 different langauges


· SMS pricing is available here.

About the integrator


Infobip is an international IT and telecommunications company. It operates a full-stack Communications Platform as a Service with private cloud infrastructure and zero-hop connectivity to telecoms globally.