SMS and WhatsApp for Adobe Commerce

Send personalized notifications directly from Adobe Magento

Store owners can now send messages to their customers with Infobip SMS + WhatsApp Notifications for Commerce. Send notifications when certain events happen, including a customer completing or holding an order, an item getting back in stock, or customers leaving items in the cart but not completing an order by sending already defined templates per event. Templates allow customized and personalized notification messages. Store owners can provide efficient customer service, boost conversion, and increase customer loyalty – all under one roof. 

Send personalized notifications automatically triggered by web store events to increase customer loyalty 

  • Send SMS and WhatsApp messages from Adobe Commerce. Reach your customers worldwide with high SMS delivery rates due to 700+ direct operator connections. For sending rich content messages worldwide use WhatsApp. 

  • Real-time status updates. Check for an error on the SMS message end, so you can react and engage the customer through another channel. 

  • Real-time reporting and analytics. View SMS and WhatsApp Delivery and Rejected reports with customizable views within the extension. 

  • SMS templates. Customize and personalize notification messages sent to customers. 

  • Personalize your SMS messages and insert Variables. Insert variables, such as “order id”, “order status” or “item name” into your content templates with a simple click. 

  • Collect SMS opt-out. Easily opt-out customers who do not wish to receive SMS notifications with opt-out data collected. 

  • WhatsApp rich media. To enrich the communication, and keep customers engaged, different kinds of rich media can be used: images, videos, files, location sharing, contacts, web links, audio files, buttons, product messages, list messages, and stickers. 

  • WhatsApp reply buttons. Help customers choose from up to three personalized response options when talking to a chatbot or live agent. 

Provide efficient customer service, boost conversion, and increase customer loyalty 

  • Local support. 24/7 support in 10 different languages. 

  • Customer support. World-class support to create the best possible WhatsApp solution that will engage the customers. 

  • Order Updates. Real-time updates to customers when their item is purchased, all the way to delivery, shipment, holding, cancelation and refunds. 

  • Back in stock. Alert customers when an item is back in stock. Customers can click the link to subscribe to the alert. 

  • Abandoned Cart. Nudge customers to continue shopping in your store when they leave items in the cart but do not complete the order. 

  • Price Drop. Alert customers when an item's price has dropped. Customers can click the link to subscribe to the alert.


  • Integration is free of charge. Additional messaging costs are applied per your consumption.
  • Infobip account with access to the Portal with available SMS and WhatsApp channels. Start your free trial now.
  • Adobe Commerce solution.

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