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Elevating conversational experiences fuelled by GenAI

Together, Microsoft and Infobip bring omnichannel capabilities, always-on communications, reliability, and security fulled by GenAI to the Azure cloud that helps businesses elevate customer experiences.

What does the tech landscape look like in conversational era?

Building personalized
experiences at scale

From promotion, and retention to support, build long-term relationships with your customers throughout the sales journey with personalized omnichannel communications. Our cloud communications platform leverage Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365, and Bot Framework to provide an enhanced customer experience, across all touchpoints at scale.

Scalable omnichannel experiences

Orchestrate contextual omnichannel journeys over a variety of digital channels, at the right time, to create meaningful customer relationships.

Personalized automation

Our AI technology over Microsoft helps understand customers to provide personalized experiences and intuitive, always-on customer support – in a quick and cost-effective way.

Reliable and secure communications

The combination of Infobip’s 800+ direct operator connections and a reliable network that successfully delivers over 100 billion messages a year, and Microsoft’s secure cloud platform provides the security, scalability, and reliability that your business needs.


Connecting businesses with customers at every step of the journey

Microsoft azure

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