SMS for Adobe Journey Optimizer

Send Infobip SMS directly from AJO workspace

Enhance your customer journey strategy with Infobip SMS and Adobe Journey Optimizer for a comprehensive and impactfull customer experience. Scale quickly with the power of Adobe Journey Optimizer has a native integration with the Infobip SMS platform, enabling seamless integration with any use case you build to create a comprehensive and impactfull customer experience.

Engage customers throughout their journey with Adobe Journey Optimizer and Infobip SMS
  • Send SMS from Adobe Journey Optimizer. Reach your customers worldwide with high delivery rates due to 700+ direct operator connections, which increase the speed of delivery and redundancy, reduce grey routes, and low latency.
  • Immediate and Direct Communication. SMS ensures reaching customers instantly on their mobiles for quick engagement, ideal for urgent updates or time-sensitive promotions.
  • High Open and Response Rates. SMS enjoys over 98% open rates and around a 45% response rate, surpassing other channels. These high rates greatly enhance campaign effectiveness and customer interaction.
  • Complementary Channel to Other Touchpoints. Integrating SMS with various channels in your marketing mix amplifies messaging, expands reach, and boosts engagement.
  • Personalized and Targeted Messaging. Tailor messages for individual customers based on preferences, behavior, and journey stage to create personal connection increasing the likelihood customer of conversion and loyalty.
  • Two-Way Communication. Customers can respond and engage with your brand easily with real-time conversations, feedback, support, and surveys, strengthening relationships and gathering key insights.
  • Automation and Workflow Integration. Adobe Journey Optimizer automates SMS campaigns within your customer journey workflows. Triggered by customer interactions, it ensures timely, relevant message delivery.
  • Real-time reporting and analytics to understand what happened with what message at every step of the customer journey.
  • Reminders. Set automated and personalized reminders for appointments and events or expiry subscriptions.
  • Abandoned cart. Recover abandoned carts by automating personalized messages or offers to customers who have left items in their shopping carts without completing the purchase.
  • Loyalty program management. Manage and optimize loyalty programs by creating personalized loyalty journeys that reward customers based on their engagement, purchase history, or specific actions. 
  • Welcome messages. Greet your new customers when they have downloaded your app, visited your website for the first time, or created an account.
  • Onboarding and account activation. Streamline the onboarding process for new customers by guiding customers through the account activation process.
  • Special occasions and promotions. Make customers feel special by wishing them or sending them offers on occasions such as Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc.


  • Integration is free of charge. Additional messaging costs are applied per your consumption.
  • Infobip account with access to the Portal with available SMS channel. Click here to start a free trial.
  • Adobe Journey Optimizer solution.

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