Harness the power of conversational experiences to deliver personalized journeys  

Orchestrate omnichannel conversational journeys powered by predictive analytics and generative AI to deliver hyper-personalized customer experiences that drive innovation and boost loyalty.

Maximize conversions and drive loyalty with conversational experiences

Optimize campaigns and orchestrate your client’s customer journey across all channels and touchpoints to create personalized conversational experiences.  

Create new revenue streams 

Unlock new monetization opportunities that drive business growth with our conversational experience solutions and digital channels portfolio. 

Build customer loyalty 

Create client stickiness by providing personalized conversational experiences that deliver customer lifetime value. 

Maximize campaign effectiveness

Increase ROAS performance by delivering end-to-end customer journeys using the right channels and a 360 view of customer data to optimize campaign effectiveness.  ​ 

Innovate and co-create together

Combine the power of innovation and co-creation to create a rich portfolio of CX products, solutions and channels that can digitally transform your clients’ business and enable them to stay ahead of the market and industry.

Deliver actionable insights

Analyze advanced data to understand customer demands and deliver relevant, actionable insights that drive value and maximize ROI.

Build conversational experiences across every stage of the customer journey 

Craft unique conversational journeys across channels and integrate our technology into your existing tech stack to add new services for your clients and drive new revenue streams.

Services you can monetize 

Campaign setup

Set up customized marketing campaigns using automation, advanced data for personalization, digital channels, and messaging tools.  

Creative concept

Send promotional messages using rich media (images, gifs, videos, pdfs) and reach customers on their favorite channels.


Gather actionable insights on engagement, conversions, responses, and much more to track the performance of your campaigns in real-time.

Chatbot creation

Build smart chatbots to provide 24/7 support using simple rule-based or intent-based triggers and gen AI-powered technology.  

System integration

Easily integrate our technology or platform with existing systems and infrastructure. 

CX consulting

Utilize the power of our network and industry-leading CX experts to design the best conversational experience journeys for your clients.

A partner program customized to meet your business goals


Co-marketing program to boost our business plan.


Training and resources to help bring solutions to market faster​.

Business support​

Sales and technical presales with you all the way​.

Partner Portal

Ready to use sales toolkits and out-of-the-box campaigns.

Delivering value every step of the way 

Partnership kick-off​

  • Defining joint value proposition and business planning 

Partner enablement  

  • Sales and IT enablement courses to understand technology, use cases and buyer personas


  • Execution of business and marketing plan backed up by MDF​
  • Project delivery support by our sales and pre-sales teams
  • Generating leads and closing deals

Ongoing collaboration 

  • Quarterly business review​
  • Work together to drive success
  • Share product news and updates through newsletters, webinars and live events​

Discover how our partners are thriving today 

A conversational journey in action

Your business.
Just more of it.