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Reinforce your customers’ confidence in their journey through live video conversations

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urLive strengthens customer engagement by intelligently connecting one-click video customer calls to your team of skilled representatives.

Poor customer communications cost businesses over $75 billion annually in lost sales opportunities, a figure that doesn’t account for the impact of customer churn, returns, and negative reviews. AI bots work well for many routine customer inquiries but are inadequate for complex questions. Sometimes you just need to speak with a person.

In-person video calls build new levels of confidence and promote your brands and products. urLive makes it easy for your customers to access your skilled staff with one-click video calling from a smart URL that can be conveniently embedded anywhere, including websites, SMS/text messages, and email. A single click starts a high-definition video call. Your customers don’t have to download or install any software or create an account

Unlike teleconferencing services, urLive’s Customer Engagement Platform™ allows your team to answer multiple, simultaneous inbound video calls from the same link using skills-based routing, attended call transfer, and integrated scheduling.

>The urLive cloud-based platform automatically connects your customers’ needs to your teams’ expertise through easily configured web portal settings. Customer calls can be shared among staff by adding team members, transferring, or forwarding calls. urLive ensures you never miss a call with call queuing and the option for customers to schedule calls with a specific agent. There’s even the capability to increase availability by forwarding calls to trained representatives from urLive Capacity Services™.

Reinforce your customers’ confidence in their journey through live video conversations. urLive personalizes customer engagement.

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