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About the company

TCP is a business and technology consulting company that supports clients through their digital transformation processes. TCP develops valuable partnerships with leading technology vendors to provide solutions that improve customer experience and achieve business objectives through Marketing automation and IT optimization.
The team consists of seasoned professionals in broad areas of expertise dedicated to improving and streamlining processes to bring companies into the digital era.

Together with Infobip, TCP offers clients deep industry expertise with a comprehensive perspective of using a top-notch automated communication platform. In times when digital communication is more important than ever, TCP plays an important role in introducing Infobip’s service to the local market.

TCP operates across different businesses with a sharp focus on telecommunications, banking, fintech, and retail.

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Industry focus

Communication Services, Finance, Retail & E-commerce



Primary specialty

Digital Consulting

What our
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say about us

It is with great honor that TCP enters into partnership with Infobip, a true world connector! Communicating with customers directly on their preferred communication channel, through a single point, streamlined, and automated platform, with an unprecedented level of support and consultancy, brings not only a competitive edge to the market, but also drastically increases customer experience levels. And customer experience is everything – the only differentiator in present times.

— Mariya Bozhilova , Managing Director, Telecom Consulting Partners Ltd Logo Telecom Consulting Partners