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Spendgo is an integrated loyalty and marketing platform that allows businesses of all sizes to automate and manage campaigns, creating a unified customer experience for its 12 million users by connecting point of sale and e-commerce platforms with third-party solutions. Spendgo provides sales and marketing data, empowering businesses to more effectively engage with their customers. With Spendgo you can reach your customers in-store, online or via mobile.

Infobip brings global cross-channel communications to the Spendgo loyalty platform, allowing operators to power their guest experience as their loyalty members start a conversation in one channel and finish it in another. Spendgo creates personalized engagement and drives more interactions with customers.

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ISV - Other

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We are excited to work with Infobip as we can now enable global messaging for our customers while enhancing a cross-channel experience.

— Ivan Matkovic , CEO & Founder Logo Spendgo