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Improve your digital transformation results and enhance your business processes


About the company

We contribute to improving your results from the digital transformation, enhancing your business processes, and generating memorable experiences for your customers.

With 26 successful years in the market, offices in Chile and Colombia, partners in 11 Latin American countries, and more than 150 collaborators, we have become a benchmark in applied technology for thousands of users, delivering smart solutions with proven experience.

We offer CRM and Workflow platforms, RPA systems, and biometric identification platforms, which are completely compatible and complementary with the Infobip platform.
Our products are integrable, configurable, scalable, and have the best price-quality ratio.

Our joint value proposition with INFOBIP must allow us to reach many clients in market segments where world-class platforms do not reach. Therefore our joint value offer is extremely attractive and appropriate to the Latin American reality, with flexibility and affordable prices in line with available budgets.

Regions of

Latin America

Industry focus

Finance, Government & Utilities & Social institutions, Retail & E-commerce, Transportation & Logistics



Primary specialty

System Integrator