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Integrate Rubeus with Answers to enhance your lead capture and customer service experiences, easily creating and consulting your contacts!

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Integrate Rubeus with Answers to enhance your lead capture and customer service experiences, easily creating and consulting your contacts!

Enhance your institution's relationship experiences! Integrate Rubeus, a CRM solution specific to education, with the powerful Answers.

Create and consult your contacts with ease, enjoy personalized communication, and achieve maximum performance in your customer acquisition and support strategies. Do all of this quickly, simply, and without code!

Take full advantage of this integration and take your business to the next level!

Use cases

  • Check your contacts in Rubeus on Infobip Chatbot. Information at your disposal! When a new interaction is initiated, automatically check the contact within your Rubeus database. This way, your leads who have already started the registration process can complete it without human interaction, for example. Additionally, important information can be retrieved to increase the quality of the service.
  • Consulte as ofertas de cursos disponíveis. Your communication is 100% personalized! Integration checks in Rubeus which course offers are available in your institution at the moment and provides the correct options to your candidate. You can also identify an interest already pointed out by the lead in a certain course and customize your interactions from this point on.
  • Send events to Rubeus. Avoid conflicting information! Store important events arising from interactions created via Chatbot within contacts in Rubeus. The possibilities of use are endless: it is possible to feed customized fields and activate specific triggers of a relationship ruler created, for example.
  • Centralize the contact's relationship history. No information is lost! All relationship and communication history performed on Infobip Chatbot is automatically recorded in the history of each contact on Rubeus.
  • Other available integrations: Send WhatsApp and SMS notifications directly from Rubeus' automation flow; Integrate your Infobip Voip telephony with Rubeus.


  • Infobip account with access to the Portal and Integrations Manager permissions.
  • Rubeus solution.



The integration is free, but the use of each product requires the contracting of the aforementioned prerequisites.

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From Minas Gerais to the world, Rubeus revolutionizes processes, experiences and results at colleges and schools across the country and beyond. Acting as an agent of change, the company optimizes the Recruitment and Permanence processes and empowers institutions through its own technology and specific consultancy for education.