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Add SMS to PubNub Applications with a single block of code

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PubNub is a global data stream network and real-time infrastructure-as-a-service company.

With Infobip SMS function over PubNub simplify the process of creating apps

We have integrated with PubNub, a secure global Data Stream Network (DSN) and real-time infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) company that offers APIs for building secure real-time Mobile, Web and IoT apps. Building real-time apps with PubNub is easy. With Infobip SMS function even easier.

Start conversations over SMS within your app

This block enables receiving notifications via Infobip SMS about emails that you find important. This function enables delivering standard PubNub messages as an SMS. You can be sure that you’ll never miss any relevant information that could make an unwanted change in your business.

  • Leverage SMS Fallback for Push Notifications – Push notifications are a great way to engage users who are not in the app. But what happens when data connectivity is not available (e.g., a user turns off his/her mobile data)? Or what if mobile OS chooses to delay the delivery of push notifications to curb phone’s battery life? SMS can provide higher reliability of delivery for those critical messages. Enable SMS fallback to automatically re-send messages to users who didn’t receive the push notification within specified time-frame.
  • Deliver your critical messages with on-time guarantee – 98% of all SMS messages are read in the first 5 minutes of delivery, compared to 20% for email. Infobip SMS API provides a reliable and scalable way to deliver time-critical messages globally, even to users who might not have data connectivity. Get delivery reports with real-time status for messages sent.
  • Trigger SMS Notifications for IoT devices – Set up SMS alerts for IoT devices to alert users when the device has detected that something is wrong. Example, Nest in your home can send you safety alerts via SMS if your home is getting too hot or too cold.
  • Enable transactional notifications – Make it easy for users to receive updates on their orders, schedule deliveries and pick-ups, or send personalized one-to-one messages like daily appointment reminders with automated SMS. Drive e-commerce shoppers back to your mobile store with customized content and exclusive offers via SMS.
  • Invite new users into your Chat for Mobile and Web – Bring new users into your chat by extending a social invite link via SMS. SMS-based social Invites allow existing users of your chat to recommend it to their contacts and friends with only one tap, and without ever leaving your app. The message will contain the text you define, and a shortened link which can take the recipient to the download page or any other location you want them to land on.
  • Build Realtime Dashboards – Real-time dashboards are meant to provide immediate actionable insight. If critical information from the system needs to reach the intended user who might not be actively monitoring the dashboard or if the user isn’t logged into the system, an SMS alert can be sent to urge the user to take action.

Add SMS to your application with a single block of code

The streamlined coding process allows you to prioritize your time on building new and exciting features, rather than spending time learning Infobip APIs, writing and troubleshooting custom API calling outside of the PubNub ecosystem. Here is the code example. Simple, right?

export default (request) => {
          const pubNub = require('pubnub');
              channel: 'infobip_sms', 
              message: {
                  to: '202-555-0138',
                  from: 'InfoSMS',
                  text: request.message
          return request.ok();

How do Infobip + PubNub Integrate?

Infobip SMS function listens to PubNub messages on a predefined channel. For each message it receives, it makes an HTTPS call into Infobip API and sends the content of the message as an SMS. Lastly, it publishes the result of SMS sending on a separate PubNub channel that you can subscribe to process the Infobip API responses.

This allows Infobip SMS function to abstract the logic of making an API call to Infobip platform enabling developers to send text messages from within the standard PubNub publish/subscribe flow. Integrate easily – check our User manual and start using SMS function today. If you don’t have an active Infobip account, sign up today. A dedicated expert will contact you to set up your account. Get started with pubnub SMS api

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Infobip is an international IT and telecommunications company. It operates a full-stack Communications Platform as a Service with private cloud infrastructure and zero-hop connectivity to telecoms globally.