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Add SMS capabilities to Pipedrive CRM with Infobip Notifier

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Pipedrive is a web-based CRM and pipeline management tool, designed to help small teams manage complex and long processes.

Manage your Pipedrive workflows and keep your daily tasks, meetings, and sales opportunities on track with Infobip Notifier. Get activity reminders directly to a mobile device, empower your salespeople, and be sure they will react on time.

Integrate SMS with your CRM and make sure your salespeople never miss a thing.

Ever missed a deadline, meeting or an important call with an important customer? Get notified on time.

SMS is a great choice for sending important information and reminders. Infobip Notifier enables sending scheduled SMS messages triggered by various activities on Pipedrive.

Infobip’s SMS integration is ideal for every sales team member – from sales executives to sales administrators because it keeps them focused and engaged.

With Infobip Notifier your Salespeople can:

  • Be reminded and take action – Set automatic reminders and get an SMS in a predefined timeslot.
  • Communicate with their team members – Notifications can be sent to team members when tasks are assigned.
  • Track sales opportunities, daily tasks and meetings – Define which activities need to be triggered with the SMS Notifier.

In order to integrate the Notifier you will need na Infobip account and a Pipedrive API token. If you do not have an Infobip account, you can get it here. As for acquiring the Pipedrive API token, follow these steps.

In order to obtain SMS notification capabilities, you have to create a Pipedrive webhook linked to Infobip. The first step is to generate a webhook url and to help you out with that you can use our url creator tool. Simply fill out the form and generate an appropriate webhook url.

This is your personal Pipedrive API token found in your account settings.

Enter recipients phone number. You can add additional recipients by clicking "Add recipient".

SMS text which will be sent when the activity webhook is triggered. You can choose placeholders in the selection on the right. They will be replaced with data entered in the Pipedrive Activity when sent in an SMS.

Choose an activity type for which the SMS will be sent.

Specify how many minutes before an activity you wish the SMS to be sent.

About the integrator


Infobip is an international IT and telecommunications company. It operates a full-stack Communications Platform as a Service with private cloud infrastructure and zero-hop connectivity to telecoms globally.