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About the company

We are a business-focused tech, software development, and data analytics company. We sell data analytics services, develop mobile and web applications using various frameworks, and develop ML-powered apps. We consult in data strategy development and implementation, as well as data analytics training.

We develop business use cases that are end-user-focused, be it self-service capability, passive data collection, or employee empowerment. Most of these customers have legacy systems that were B2B focused and hardly interacted with end-users of their products and services.

The most significant benefit s our partnership with Infobip provides to customers is a 360-degree solution that digitizes their businesses and keeps them in contact with the end-users.

With some of our ML-powered apps, we can deliver an ecosystem that provides the benefits of Infobip’s proven WhatsApp for Business package to augment our offering with a robust messaging and conversational solution.

Regions of

Africa, APAC, North America



Primary specialty

Digital Consulting, ISV - Software Development, System Integrator

What our
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say about us

At Pathways International, we guide our customers in digital transformation journeys by helping them to develop data strategies aligned with their business strategies. We do this by defining a business focus track and separately a technology track and ensuring harmony between these two tracks. We see Infobip’s technology as a natural fit in the array of choices our customers can benefit from as they track their customers’ journeys and create new value. We believe together we can leverage data and AI to create new experiences.

— Gideon Aswani , Managing Partner Logo Pathways International