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Build a conversational interface for DeFi and Open Finance products

Orangepill integration with Infobip Answers enables building conversational interfaces for digital assets based DeFi and Open Finance products. Build bots and enhance user experiences for Wallets, Exchanges, Digital Banks, Payouts, Payments and E-commerce solutions built with the Orangepill platform. 
Orangepill enables building financial solutions for 45+ digital assets and virtual currencies.

Use cases

  • Wallets. List accounts and transact between users.
  • Stablecoin solutions. Enable savings, payments and transactions in stablecoins.
  • Exchanges. Build an interface for the Exchange solution. Enable users to create buy and sell orders and create markets.
  • International transfers. Deposit, send and withdraw digital assets between international users.
  • Digital Banks. Build a full-featured digital bank interface including accounts overview, deposits,s withdrawals, transactions and payments.
  • Payments. Build an interface to request and make payments using the bot.
  • E-commerce. Build e-commerce interface, create invoices and accept payments using bots.
  • Payouts. Build bots for salary payouts and B2B payments.
  • Cashback. Build bots for cashback solutions.
  • Virtual currencies. Build bots for loyalty points and similar virtual currency-based solutions.


  • List accounts and balances
  • Make transactions
  • Make payouts
  • List transactions history
  • Make Buy, Sell, Future buy and Future sell orders
  • Create invoice
  • Request payment
  • Deposit digital assets
  • Withdraw digital assets
  • Receive cashback
  • Calculate exchange prices
  • Apply fees


  • Infobip account with access to the Portal with Answers
  • Orangepill account



Integration is free of charge. Additional messaging costs are applied per your consumption.

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A platform for building crypto payments solutions. We create multi-blockchain infrastructure, middleware & API to fast onboard your business to Bitcoin and DeFi.