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Increase Oracle Eloqua Marketing effectiveness with Infobip channels

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Deliver better customer experience and send real-time alerts and notifications with Infobip WhatsApp for Oracle Eloqua.

Reach out to your customers over their favourite app

  • The average user checks WhatsApp more then 23 times per day
  • 68% of users agreed that WhatsApp is the easiest way to connect with a business

Collect opt-ins and send messages using verified sender name and business profile

  • Send welcome messages to newly registered users
  • Inform customers about their loyalty points and status change
  • Share real time updates on financial transactions
  • Share package delivery location
  • Send invoices as documents in a WhatsApp message

Include whatsapp business and experience

  • Increased number of customers who will opt-in to receive your message
  • Improved message visibility, open and click-through rates
  • Increased customer retention rate as a result of improved customer experience

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Improve the customer engagement efforts and deliver better customer experience.

What makes SMS a great channel for customer engagement?

  • 97% open rate
  • 95% of messages are read inside 3 minutes
  • Available on all mobile phones without the need of internet connection

What options do we provide through Eloqua?

  • Personalized SMS sending
  • Campaign logic showing if SMS is delivered
  • Report for each of the messages sent
  • URL shortening and tracking
  • Opt out management
  • DLR templates management support

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By integrating Infobip Viber API for Business to Oracle Eloqua you can send promotional or transactional messages directly from Campaigns. It’s designed to enable you to create personalized messages based on the interests and preferences of individual customers and prospects. Our solution offers one-way communication.

Reach out to your customers over their favourite app

  • Every month, hundreds of millions of people connect with their friends and families through Viber, high-quality voice and video calling, and more for free.
  • All one-to-one conversations on Viber and personal chats, as well as all group chats, are protected by built-in end-to-end encryption, so you can rest assured that your conversations are always safe.

Include Viber Business and experience:

  • Send messages combining text, media and links
  • Personalize messages with customer data
  • Create different campaign branches based on message delivery or if it was seen
  • Detailed message reports in Infobip Portal

About the integrator


Infobip is an international IT and telecommunications company. It operates a full-stack Communications Platform as a Service with private cloud infrastructure and zero-hop connectivity to telecoms globally.