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Technology solutions build for customer satisfaction and employer productivity


About the company

Multidados TI is a technology company specializing in solutions for sales, service, mobile applications, business management, teams and productivity.

We are present in the day-to-day of large companies in the national and international scenario, delivering integrated solutions for CRM, Pipeline Management, Service Desk, ChatBot, Billing, CSC, Shared-Services, Workflow, BPO, TimeSheet, Project Management and Management Expenses.

We serve the most varied market segments and are highly specialized in the construction, services, healthcare, billing and contact center sectors.

All of this is always with a mission in mind: to offer technology solutions focused on productivity and customer satisfaction to optimize your work routine and drive your business results that, the certainty that they will deliver the best!

Proximity and personalization in the right measure.

If you are looking for a low-cost monthly subscription company with zero customization, we are not the solution for you…

We deliver products with a high level of excellence and customized them for your business. You don’t have to worry about customization details. We do all the surveys, configure and prepare the structure for you to use according to the details of your process and the functioning of your company.

At Multidados you have exclusive attention and service from beginning to end, at any time.

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Digital Consulting