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About the company

MINT is a Advertising Automation platform based on AI to make advertising more efficient and sustainable. A platform whose algorithms enable companies to become more efficient and invest in better, more competitive products.

AI and ML algorithms allow you to analyze the massive amount of advertising data and optimize your campaigns in brilliant, scalable ways, making you the owner of your campaign data, not just your audience data. 

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Industry focus

Communication Services, Finance, Healthcare & Fitness, Production & Manufacturing, Retail & E-commerce



Primary specialty

Marketing Consulting, ISV - Marketing Automation

What our
technology partners
say about us

MINT is a technology multinational focused on digital marketing that has a proprietary platform, Adding, which integrates and orchestrates cutting-edge technologies such as Infobip. The use of its artificial intelligence and automation processes ensures more efficiency for the development of digital campaigns. The partnership with Infobip further enhances this efficiency through the use of its tools, such as bots and messaging, which import this entire consumer experience. Thus, the development of a very powerful mutual work is established, creating even more value for its audiences and both companies.

— Marcos Saurin , Head of Sales LATAM Logo MINT