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Elevate your customer support with a chatbuilding platform

Now you can always be there for your customers with Infobip's chatbot building platform, Answers on Azure. Easily create and deploy rule-based or AI chatbots over a variety of channels. Natively integrated with easy API integration with other external systems. Whether it's WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Live Chat, SMS, Google Business Messages, or RCS, Answers on Azure lets you reach your customers where they want, when they need.

Use cases

  • Lead generation virtual assistant. Instantly answer your potential customers with the latest info about your offerings, from pricing to implementation, using text,  images, videos, or locaitons.
  • Chatbot shopping assistant. Allow your customers to browse, gather information, schedule delivery, and pay for your products or services with a chatbot.
  • Instant customer support with chatbots. A chatbot can handle all typical customer support queries such as refunds, delivery status, technical difficulties without human involevement.
  • Provide quick account information with chatbots. Allowing your customer to easily and securely check their account balance via chatbot is only one of many, many possibilities.

Main features

  • Rule-based Chatbot. These chatbots use a series of defined rules to guide customers through a series of menu options, providing value all along the way.
  • AI Chatbot. AI chatbots understand customer intent during a chat and provide a conversational experience.
  • Drag-and-drop codeless editor. Building chatbots is simple – anyone can do it. Simply drag and drop elements like text boxes, images, etc., and build your conversation flow any way you like.
  • Secure authentication. Authenticate your customers with Infobip Identity solutions for securing sensitive transactions – without impacting the customer experience.
  • Seamless agent takeover. An agent can follow and take over the chat in real-time. If a customer requires human assistance and is transferred to the agent, they will have access to complete chat history.
  • Integrations. Integrate Answers with your CRM systems to allow uninterrupted data flow, and to collect all relevant information.
  • User Analytics. Gain an understanding of how and which users interact with your chatbot. See the data for groups or individuals, and closely monitor CSAT scores.
  • Conversational Insight. See the flow of conversations and how they end. This is crucial data you can use to improve experiences and results.


Custom plan enables you to use any Infobip solution & channels. If you choose this plan someone will contact you to define the best offering according to your business needs.

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About the

Turn your contact center into a customer experience center

Engaging in personalized interactions with your customers is easy with Conversations on Azure, Infobip's digital contact center solution. Conversations on Azure is digital-first and provides a portfolio of channels on a single interface so you can connect with your customers efficiently and effortlessly. Increase agent productivity and customers satisfaction with the contact center solution with the most channels, on the most secure cloud.

Use cases

Switch channes without affecting conversation. Learn how to support customers combining two different channels without affecting agent performance and customer interaction.

Turn calls into messagging using Call Defflection. Notify your customer that they can chat with an agent via WhatsApp and reudce waiting time and number of calls.

Self-service support with Chatbots. Define,design, build, and deploy a chatbot with efficient transfer to a human agent when necessary to solve simple queries fast and support customers.

Real-time support during purchase. Use Live Chat to guide and support your customers throughout their entire journey.

Fast support for customer complaints. Access arder information and manage inquiries direclty from Conversations, and quickly resolve complaints while improving customer communication and exper

About the

Transform customer data into personalized moments

Add a human touch to your communications with Microsoft on Azure - Infobip's omnichannel customer engagement hub. Moments on Azure allows you to build lasting relationships through personalized messaging and smart automation - across the communication channels your customers prefer. Deliver an enhanced customer experience and real-time customer engagement. With Moments on Azure, you get to leverage the power of data to better serve your customers.

Use cases

  • Personalized promotions. Create personalized 1-on-1 campaigns based on behavior and demographics.
  • Loyalty program management. Send status updates and reminders about your loyalty program
  • Reminders and notifications. Automate sending of any reminder or update message.
  • Mobile app engagements. Incrase app usage with clever reminder campaigns.
  • Onboarding campaigns. Assist new users as they try to navigate your site or app for the first time.
  • Customer feedback. Collect customer feedback with simple 2-way communiction flows.
  • Proactive customer support. Reduce strain on youur customer support by proactively sharing useful content and tutorials.
  • Cart abandonment. Increase conversions by getting shoppers back to your site with automated messages.
  • Geolocation targeting. Increase wisits to your physical locaitons, such as retail stories and bank branches.

Main features

  • Campaign creator. Quickly design personalized campaigns via a simple, codeless editor. For any intent: from mass messaging to personalized multi-step customer journeys.
  • Cross-channel orchestration. Reach all your customers, whether offline, online, on the web or on mobile. Connect over email, voice, push, WhatsApp, Viber, RCS, SMS, and Messenger.
  • A/B testing and AI optimization. Optimize campaign performance with advanced A/B testing, goal tracking, AI-powered send time optimization, and advanced segmentation.
  • Forms. Turn visitors into leads with easily created, embeddable custom forms. Save leads automatically without the need for additional integrations. Segment based on conversion source, interest, and more.
  • Unified customer profiles. Accurate, real-time view into customer habits, behaviors, and preferences. A single place for all your customer data: attributes, events, purchases, demographics and more.
  • Analytics and reporting. Monitor campaign performance with Funnel and Events analytics. Full, actionable insight into your engagements, conversions, responses, and more.
  • Website and app events tracking. Connect the dots from that first visit to repeat usage. Collect user behavior data across your websites and mobile apps via JavaScript SDK, iOS and Android SDK, or Events API.
  • Integrations and open API. Moments is designed to work with all your applications. Connect data easily via Open API. Native integration with your Salesforce CRM and Microsoft Dynamics.


Custom plan enables you to use any Infobip solution & channels. If you choose this plan someone will contact you to define the best offering according to your business needs

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Try Infobip for free with 100 free messages per channel, here! Sign up to start sending free personalized messages immediately across SMS, WhatsApp, Viber and email, all from a single interface.

About the

The cloud computing platform for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through Microsoft-managed data centers.

Deliver a better customer experience with WhatsApp Business!

How to utilize WhatsApp Business?

1. Customer care

Respond to customer-initiated conversations over WhatsApp for free within 24 hours of the first message being sent. Enable your contact center agents to:

  • Provide quick, conversational support
  • Get instant feedback
  • Resolve issues in one-on-one conversations

2. Notifications

Collect opt-ins from your customers to deliver templated messages over WhatsApp. Once your customers are opted-in, you can send alerts and notifications in real time.

Use media message templates to create rich notifications that include downloadable documents, images, videos, or location sharing, so you can:

  • Share package delivery locations
  • Send e-receipts
  • Share e-tickets for events
  • Onboard customers with educational videos
  • Share downloadable boarding passes
  • Send real-time financial transaction alerts

3. Connect your WhatsApp sender with MS Bot Framework

Quickly connect with your customers and provide an always-on experience with Microsoft Bot Framework over the worlds most popular chat app – powered by Infobip.

You can read more about WhatsApp on MS Bot and how to use it here.

Start testing today!

  1. Fill out the signup form on Microsoft AppSource.
  2. We will send you an email with a verification link which will redirect you to set your credentials for accessing Infobip's web interface.
  3. After confirming your credentials, you'll receive a confirmation email.
  4. Log in to the web interface and follow this guide to test WhatsApp.
  5. Click on REQUEST SENDER to get your verified sender from WhatsApp!

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Infobip is an international IT and telecommunications company. It operates a full-stack Communications Platform as a Service with private cloud infrastructure and zero-hop connectivity to telecoms globally.