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Build great banking experiences with Mambu with Infobip SMS

About the

Infobip SMS API

In one of their regular software releases, Mambu integrated Infobip’s SMS API, connecting to our global messaging platform quickly and easily, and counting on Infobip’s coverage of 190 countries, deep knowledge of telecoms, and 24/7 expert technical support.

SMS capability with ongoing development and support

The addition of our SMS API enabled Mambu clients – microfinance institutions all over the world – to send real-time, automatic notifications to their customers over the SMS channel, but also to improve security by implementing SMS-based 2-factor authentication. In the latter instance, SMS channel is used for delivery of authentication PINs, needed when accessing online services.

About the integrator


Mambu is an affordable and flexible cloud banking platform, empowering a rapid creation, launch and servicing of loan and deposit products. Founded in Berlin in 2011, it established itself as a flexible and agile alternative to legacy banking software. Mambu works with 100+ microfinance organizations and financial innovators in 30 countries around the globe.