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Kpability is a data, analytics, and marketing consulting agency. Utilizing advanced data-driven and technology-enabled methodologies, we have partnered with leading companies in the Philippines to build their data and analytics competencies. We also help segment and predict their customer profiles and behavior and drive their digital marketing and customer experience journeys.

From analytics to insight into digital customer experience management, we have worked with many of the country’s most customer engaged brands. While we are based in the Philippines, opportunities in the Southeast Asian market have fallen our way with clients hailing from Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

For over a decade, our collective experience and capabilities now span the business disciplines of customer strategy and experience management, descriptive, predictive analytics, customer loyalty, and omnichannel customer engagement. Similarly, our domain knowledge has extended across various industries such as banking and finance, retail, manufacturing, telecommunication, hotel, pharmaceutical, logistics, and distribution. We have consulted for some of the largest companies, including multinational and even global corporations that have established extensive local presence.

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Finance, Retail & E-commerce, Transportation & Logistics



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Marketing Consulting

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In a world where omnichannel customer engagement defines the marketing landscape, we expect the synergy of knowledge, methodologies, and best of breed solutions that both Infobip and Kpability bring together to bode well in this emerging, essential practice.

— Monty Roxas , Managing Director Logo Kpability