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Enable your support agents to access issue data captured by and stored in JIRA

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Jira integration connects your Jira account to Conversations. You can create Jira detailed tickets with attachments and link them to your agents.

Use cases

  • Live back-office support. Agents can create tickets containing any required collateral like summary, description, and media attachments that help back-office teams to be more productive and efficient without leaving the main conversations desktop.
  • Customer support. Provider world-class support to your customers and ensure their satisfaction.


  • Context Cards. This Jira integration allows you to create or manage your Jira tickets directly from Conversations, our Contact-Center-as-a-Solution.


  • Infobip account with access to the Portal and Integrations Manager permissions
  • Jira solution



Separate messaging plans apply for Conversations. Conversations usage is charged and it corresponds to you package contract.

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Infobip is an international IT and telecommunications company. It operates a full-stack Communications Platform as a Service with private cloud infrastructure and zero-hop connectivity to telecoms globally.