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About the company

Since 1999, the InterCompany Group operates in the Brazilian market, delivering more adequate and innovative technology solutions – always in constant transformation. Technical expertise, service excellence and transparency: these are some of the pillars that support the growth and consolidation of the InterCompany Group in the market.

Our mission is to provide the best technology solutions and excellence in specialized services, tailored to market needs and adding differential values, aiming at the growth and success of our customers.

Our vision is to be a reference in the technology market, providing innovative and business continuity solutions, exceeding customer and employee expectations.

Our values are to act within the standards of ethical conduct, always with respect, honesty, credibility and legal principles. Invest in the professional and personal development of employees, living with differences and respecting diversity. In addition to sharing ideas and lessons learned, being participative and supportive and having an ongoing commitment to social responsibility and respect for the environment.

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Latin America

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All verticals



Primary specialty

Digital Consulting