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Improving customer experience in the cosmetic industry through omnichannel communication


About the company

More than pre-established formats, we understand that the ideal it’s creating strong concepts and choosing the right tools to achieve the goals. And then it can be advertising, design, digital, event or even a mix:


Advertising Campaigns / Institutional Presentations / Films / Ads / Guerrilla Marketing / Directed Communication / Incentive and Endomarketing Campaigns.


Branding / Design Thinking / Brand / Visual Identity / Packaging / Graphic and Product Design.


Strategic consulting on social media / Creation of digital campaigns / Development of websites and online platforms / Application development / Use of tools for metrics, measurement and performance.


Activation Actions and Live MKT / Congresses / Conventions / Symposiums / Itinerant and Road Shows / Fairs and Booths.

Regions of


Industry focus

Production & Manufacturing



Primary specialty

Marketing Consulting, Digital Consulting

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Our expectation with the partnership is to offer customers the possibility of optimizing their resources to increase their customer base and profitability.

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