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About the company

Feersum Engine is an AI-powered conversational platform that builds Intelligent Assistants with the ability to chat to millions of users in multiple local languages. Integrated with WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Websites and native apps. Using Natural Language Understanding to create real comprehension of users and how they interact, Feersum Engine can meet their needs, your needs, and solve problems for both.

Feersum Engine compliments Infobip’s services as they are a system integrator and Independent Software Provider, specializing in Natural Language Understanding and integrating services into enterprise back-end systems to create real transactions of value with their customers.

Feersum Engine offer UX Design and Engineering solutions that find a delicate balance between the needs of clients, and those of their users.
Everything they imagine and create is centered around the end-user, which means success for their clients.

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ISV - Customer Service / Support, System Integrator

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