Infobip customer engagement solution on Microsoft Azure

Host your Infobip Moments instance on Microsoft Azure

Add a human touch to your communications with Moments on Azure - Infobip customer engagement solution. Moments on Azure allows you to build lasting relationships through personalized messaging and smart automation - across the communication channels your customers prefer. Deliver an enhanced customer experience and real-time customer engagement over SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, Email, Voice (IVR), Line, Mobile Push, In-app Messaging and RCS. With Moments on Azure, you get to leverage the power of data to serve your customers better.

Transform customer data into personalized moments

  • Customer onboarding. Build personalized welcome sequences that maximize conversions to be there for your customers from the moment they try your services.
  • Encourage app adoption. Show customers the benefits of using your app, including everything from profile and account information to real-time service status in one place.
  • Optimize customer data collection. Increase lead generation by encouraging customers to share personal information and preferences, as well as opt-in to receive your communications.
  • Reduce form abandonment. After a certain period of inactivity, encourage customers to complete a registration, application, or any form.
  • Create and implement personalized customer journeys. Create personalized message flows on any channel using insights from a single customer data platform. Customer engagement and long-term loyalty are driven by authentic and consistent customer experiences.
  • Send messages on a global scale. With a simple visual interface, you can easily create and deploy personalized campaigns. Create your own messages or use a template to ensure they look great on any device.
  • Create data-driven personalization that goes beyond [FirstName]. To create relevant and compelling messages, use customer information such as demographics, web pages visited, products viewed, previous interactions, loyalty status, and much more.
  • Increase engagement and provide a one-of-a-kind email experience. Use image carousels, animated images, and text to create visually interactive messages, such as coupons that reveal discount codes.
  • Ensure delivery with failover options. By configuring automatic failover channels for when delivery cannot be confirmed on the primary channel, key messages are always delivered.
  • Make event triggers automatic. Set up automations easily based on customer actions, behaviors, or key dates, and take advantage of every opportunity to engage with customers in real-time.
  • Use forms to gather customer information. With optimized forms, you can encourage people to opt-in to receive your marketing communications and increase lead generation on the web, social media, and mobile apps.
  • Optimize send times. Use AI-powered optimization to maximize open rates and engagement by ensuring that your messages hit inboxes when customers are most likely to open them.

Purchase Infobip over Microsoft Azure Marketplace and utilize MACC benefits

Infobip customer engagement solution, Moments, is MACC eligible on Microsoft Azure Marketplace and you can use a subscription related to your Azure agreement to purchase it.

  • Receive a single, consolidated monthly bill from Microsoft that includes your Azure Marketplace purchases and other Azure charges.
  • Infobip customer engagement solution, Moments, is Azure-approved and certified. You can be sure that this solution meets high standards in all areas.

How it works?

Open your Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Enter your Microsoft Azure Marketplace credentials and subscribe to one of the Moments plans available.

Create authentic and consistent customer experiences with Moments

Drive engagement throughout the customer journey with perfectly timed messaging.

For more information on how to set up your customer engagement solution, visit our documentation.


  • Microsoft Azure Marketplace account. You will need an active Azure account to use the Infobip chatbot building platform over the Microsoft Azure Marketplace and utilize MACC benefits.
  • Free trial available. Try out the Infobip customer engagement solution, Moments, by clicking here.

About the creator

Infobip is an international IT and telecommunications company. It operates a full-stack Communications Platform as a Service with private cloud infrastructure and zero-hop connectivity to telecoms globally.