Meta Ads Reporting for Infobip Business Messaging

Amplify results with Click-to-chat ads and advanced analytics within Infobip Portal

Seamlessly send messaging conversion events back to Meta for comprehensive reporting, and unlock the potential of unified analytics that combine ads and People CDP, Infobip customer data platform,  metrics.

Revolutionize your Meta Ads Reporting analytics and enhance your marketing strategy

  • Send Purchase or LeadSubmitted conversion events with conversion value mapped to click-to-WhatsApp click ID generated by Meta. Click-to-WhatsApp click ID is available as an attribute inside the Answers chatbot whenever users start the session through an ad.

  • Simplify data integration. One API to ingest and share data across multiple messaging platforms (WhatsApp) and channels (website, app, stores, messaging) since the app is using already existing Conversions API for sending conversion events.
  • Analyze ad performance in the Infobip portal. See how many users saw the ad, how many users clicked on an ad, the number of new prospects, the budget spent, and ROAS.

Improve the value of digital investments

  • Generate new leads through click-to-WhatsApp ads.
  • Purchase products through WhatsApp chat by using WhatsApp payments (available for India & Brazil). For other countries, payments can be made by leading users to external payment providers with custom integration.
  • Re-engage customers with promotional messages based on the outcomes of the chatbot conversation.
  • Check the campaign performance in real time. Our clients can make informed decisions and adapt and optimize campaigns based on analytics.
  • Measure results. Our clients can take measurements beyond the conversion to better understand their customers and enable future personalization.

How it works?

Connect to Facebook account

Log in to your Infobip account with available Answers, Infobip chatbot building platform, and/or WhatsApp channel. After adding the integration to your Infobip account, connect it to your Facebook account.

Track your purchases and lead submissions over click-to-WhatsApp ads

Enable the Answers block for the Purchase and LeadSubmitted conversion event and optimize future add targeting based on these signals. These signals will be used for optimization of ad targeting in the future.

Enjoy a single source of truth in the Infobip portal

Track end-to-end behavior data with Click-to-chat ad analytics, and data pulled from Facebook Ads Reporting are available in People Analytics. Advertising performance in People, the Infobip customer data platform, will provide data once the Facebook account is successfully connected to this application.

For more information on how to set up this integration, visit our documentation.


  • Integration is free of charge. Additional messaging costs are applied per client consumption.
  • Active Infobip account with available WhatsApp channel and/or Answers. Start your free trial.
  • Meta Ads Reporting access.

About the creator

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