SMS for Mambu

Send banking notifications via SMS from Mambu

Mambu integration with Infobip’s SMS API enables Mambu clients, microfinance institutions worldwide to quickly and easily send real-time automatic notifications to their customers over the SMS channel and improve security by implementing SMS-based 2-factor authentication. In the latter instance, the SMS channel is used for the delivery of authentication PINs needed when accessing online services.

Build great banking experiences with Mambu with Infobip SMS

  • Send SMS. With global SMS coverage you don't have to think about the location of your customer or local regulations, we have you covered so you can scale easily.
  • Redundant connectivity and intelligent routing. Ensure your message follows the best delivery path with high delivery rates because of the 700+ direct operator connections.
  • Real-time status updates. We know when there is an error on the message end, so you can react and engage the customer through some other channel.
  • Local support. 24/7 support in 10 different languages.
  • Ensure Security. Provide verification and authentication codes to customers during login via fast and secure SMS messages.
  • Real-time messages. Distribution and delivery of messages designed to be consumed or otherwise in real-time.
  • One-time passwords. Authenticate the phone number of your potential customers by sending them a 2FA.


  • Integration is free of charge. Additional messaging costs are applied per your consumption.
  • Infobip account with access to the Portal with available SMS channel. Start your free trial.
  • Mambu solution.

About the creator

Mambu is an affordable and flexible cloud banking platform, empowering a rapid creation, launch and servicing of loan and deposit products. Founded in Berlin in 2011, it established itself as a flexible and agile alternative to legacy banking software.