Voice for Freshcaller

Add Infobip Voice to Freshcaller

Use Infobip Voice to support your Freshcaller activities worldwide. Reach your customers over Voice directly from your Freshworks voice service for contact centre solution.

Add Voice to Freshworks Freshcaller

  • Click-to-call. Embed voice capabilities into your Freshchat. Make it easy for users to reach a friendly voice, with no calling charges.
  • Coverage of the markets where your customers are present. Get global coverage in more than 60 countries with direct connections, enabling high-quality service and seamless conversations.
  • Quick time to market. Adding Infobip as your BYOC provider is easy on top of the existing Freshchat service. Also, as we have a local presence in more than 60 countries around the world, we ensure a quick number setup no matter the type.
  • Compliance with regional regulations. Besides understanding the local requirements when it comes to voice traffic and registration, we also have local data centers in more than 40 locations.
  • SIP trunking. High-definition voice-first experiences. No lag, no jitter, no echo, no static. Reach customers around the globe, with high-quality next-generation voice experiences.

Elevate your contact center experience by giving customers the option to get support over Voice

  • Customer support. Provide world-class support to your customers and ensure their satisfaction.
  • Customer engagement. Engage the Customer with the relevant content and increase their lifetime value.

How it works?

Set up Voice easley

Log in to your Infobip account. If you do not have an Infobip account, you can create one here.

Add Voice to Freshcaller

Enable Infobip Voice in Freshcaller by setting up Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) connection. Learn how you can configure BYOC for Freshcaller


  • Integration is free of charge. Additional messaging costs are applied per your consumption.
  • Infobip account with access to the Portal with available Voice channel. Start your free trial now.
  • Freshcaller solution.

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