Translator for contact center

Allow agents to translate conversations seamlessly

Our Translator for Conversations app is designed to revolutionize the way your contact center operates. Say goodbye to the hassle of switching tabs or using external translation tools. With our app, your agents can seamlessly translate conversations right within the same tab, providing superior customer support in multiple languages. By removing the need for agents to navigate away from the conversation, you ensure a smoother and more efficient customer experience. This leads to top-tier service quality and increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Use Cases

  • Global Customer Support. Serve customers from around the world with ease, providing support in their native languages.
  • Time and Cost Savings. Save valuable time and resources that would otherwise be spent on manual translation processes or third-party services.
  • Boost loyalty and maximize customer satisfaction. Deliver top-tier service quality and optimize customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Efficient Multilingual Operations. Enable agents to handle multilingual inquiries without friction, boosting operational efficiency.


  • Set Default Source Language. Set preferred default source language in the app configuration.
  • Language Detection. Automatically identify the source language.
  • In-Tab Translation. Translate conversations without leaving the Conversations tab.
  • Real-time Translation. Translate messages instantly, ensuring quick and responsive communication.
  • Paste last end-user message. Click the Paste message icon, and paste the last end-user message easily.
  • Copy translated message. Click the Copy message icon, and copy the translated message easily.


Before installing and configuring the Translator for Contact Center app, you'll need:

  • Infobip accountwith access to the Portal and Integrations Manager permissions
  • DeepL account and DeepL API Key

About the creator

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