Verify your customer's addresses using Infobip chatbot

Verify customer addresses with in your chatbot

Getting a user's address fields right is not only a major confidence builder at the checkout, but is often a legal requirement. is an Infobip Exchange app that helps you validate address field forms that reflect the local geographic format. This way, inputting and verifying addresses from different countries is simplified.

Now, for Infobip chatbot building platform you can verify addresses from users using the chatbot, so any legal requirements will be fulfilled and incomplete addresses will be a thing of the past.


  • Address checker. This feature provides accurate address fields for the country a user has input. Based on the user input, relevant address fields will follow for the user to populate accordingly. For example, if a user is located in the United Kingdom, and inputs that they are located there, the chatbot will then only answer with address fields relevant to the United Kingdom, Address Line 1, Address Line 2, Post Code (including correct formatting) etc.

Use cases

  • Chatbot addresses verifications. For an online retail shop, can be used to verify the addresses of the customers who purchase products on the retail site. It can also be used to verify addresses for customers returning and requesting refunds or for customer admin purposes.


  • Introductory early beta pricing of 25 USD per month. Charging per instance.


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