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Celcom is Malaysia’s first telecommunications service provider, and currently one of the nation’s leading networks.

2020 was a defining year for Malaysian businesses. These unpredictable times greatly increased the country’s reliance on technology, driving businesses to adapt to a digital-first mode of operation. As a company that prioritizes innovation for the advancement of societies, Celcom saw the need to support enterprises with the tools and the know-how to capitalise on potential business opportunities on a digital platform.

Celcom and Infobip’s joint approach helps enterprises create messaging strategies around the key stakeholder – the customer. Together, we provide an all-in-one omni-channel solution to automate and manage all customer communications: SMS, chat apps, voice and more – in one single point of connection. Leveraging this omni-channel approach, enterprises can easily and efficiently communicate with their customers the way they talk with their friends and families. Businesses can now be where their customers are, and talk over the channel their customers want to use, enhancing brand recall and customer engagement while generating new opportunities in the long run.

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