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About the company

Cantab PI was founded in 2017 as a Data Science consulting company, combining two passions of their founders: delivering substantial, lasting improvements in performance of businesses; and deep, but pragmatic data analytics.

Today their two teams are scaling their unique, market-leading solutions for optimizing marketing and sales in the pharmaceutical industry by machine learning and advanced analytics and for automating and rapid deployment of artificial intelligence for multiple use cases in retail banking.

While working with some of the leading global corporations on three continents, they have enabled their machine learning capabilities at scale, and are consistently delivering business value beyond the expectations. Cantab PI and Infobip are together providing a complete, integrated, and effective digital promotion and targeting solution, guaranteeing rapid, measurable, best-in-class impact across the entire marketing funnel.

Cantab PI enables some of the leading global corporations on three continents to deploy advanced analytics and machine learning at scale. Starting from raw, unstructured, internal and external multiple data sources, they identify customer micro-segments, develop predictive models optimizing campaign outcomes, and then deploy these insights with Infobip proved campaign and channel management tools. Together we predict the campaign impact and then deliver beyond expectations.

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ISV - Data Analytics