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About the company

Ailleron SA is a global, publicly-traded technology company that excels at designing and providing cutting-edge products for the banking, telecommunication, and hospitality industries. Leading-edge digital products, high-quality customer services, and more than 700 first-rate professionals around the world provide us with a meaningful space for constant improvement. Their offer also includes the highest quality IT service outsourcing, provided both at home and abroad.

Ailleron is proud to contribute practical, competitive advantages to clients who reach over 300 million consumers in 31 countries that make use of its digital prowess and visionary, yet workable solutions.

Ailleron’s flagship product for the financial world is LiveBank, which successfully increases access and operational efficiency while equipping banks with the capabilities to deliver first-rate customer service.

LiveBank is a smart conversational banking platform that ensures instant and secure human assistance over digital and social media channels, supporting existing and new bank customers through chat, audio and video supported by AI algorithms. LiveBank provides tools such as screen sharing, document sharing, co-browsing, eKYC digital onboarding, as well as live chat, which can be upgraded to include video and audio connections.

This platform improves customer relationship management by leveraging online product and service assistance. LiveBank ensures support for digital-only customers, while overcoming the challenges of distance, in situations when bank branch offices are unavailable.

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ISV - Customer Service Support