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About the company

End to end global digital marketing company that provides CRM/Data analysis, marketing consulting by using various marketing technologies. Performars is Specialized in digital marketing strategy, marketing data analytics, Search Engine Optimization, content planning, and marketing automation.

Performars can help marketing personas development, customer decision journey design, customer storytelling conceptualization, content planning & campaign planning, customized KPI setup.

Performars helps manage campaign landing page development, Blog development, social media posting, and search engine optimization. They also provide predictive lead analytics, AI based retargeting, newsletter/email marketing management, chatbot, NPS (net promoter score). Performars track customers’ behavior and marketing activities to segment customer’s needs by using HubSpot, Mixpanel, ABtasy, Shopify, and other various marketing tools.

With Infobip, we can quickly and effectively enhance the personalized customer experience of our customers. This can happen because Performars develops personalized messages for individual customers, and Infobip enables to provide individual customers with custom communications integrated management.

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Industry focus

Healthcare & Fitness, Retail & E-commerce, Technology, Travel & Hospitality



Primary specialty

Marketing Consulting

Technology specialty

Abtasy, HubSpot, Mixpanel, Shopify

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This partnership dramatically influences communication technology to help our client transform into authentic personalized digital marketing.

— Richard Jo, CEO & Founder Logo Performars