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Foghub low-code Edge Analytics platform offers out-of-the-box support to most popular IoT, IIoT, Industrial network communication protocols such as OPC UA, MQTT, Modbus TCP, and more. It substantially simplifies the integration of industrial operations data from sensors, assets, and systems with the Infobip Cloud Platform. Foghub, with its powerful real-time analytics engine, automates the processing, as well as analysis of the high volume, high-velocity streaming data near its source.

This real-time analysis and event processing by Foghub and its first-class integration with Infobip CpaaS platform helps deliver alerts, notifications, and operational intelligence directly in the users/stakeholders (customers) preferred communication platform.

Foghub, while being deployed at the edge, helps automate the cleaning, preprocessing, standardization, and contextualization of industrial operations data to help unify this data on the Infobip platform. Users can derive additional intelligence and insights by performing all the big data analyses on the Infobip platform.

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ISV - Data Analytics

Technology specialty

Industrial network communication protocols (OPC UA, MQTT, Modbus TCP), IoT

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We are super excited about our partnership and collaboration with Infobip. The true meaning of digital transformation is delivering insights and intelligence to the stakeholders in the system of their choice. Foghub’s platform partnership with Infobip provides for a combined solution for operations intelligence to be delivered in the messaging platform of choice, enabling informed and immediate actions, resulting in accelerated outcomes as well as payback from the digital initiatives.

— Harish Kulkarni, Founder & CEO Logo Foghub