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About the company

Cybr Consult provides consulting services to companies and businesses seeking to develop their software products and applications, integrate various systems, enable their cybersecurity, improve their KPIs, and fully comply with the data protection regulations.

Cybr Consult will enable clients to have a smooth experience in implementing Infobip solutions by utilizing Cybr Consult capability for software development and API integrations. As an additional layer and at the client’s request, we will ensure that all client applications are protected against cyber-attacks and comply with the GDPR requirements ensuring that data privacy is observed on the client side.

Using our immense expertise in various verticals, including eCommerce, IoT, telematics, and automotive, Cyber Consult will assist clients consulting them on the multiple areas of their business processes related to connectivity optimization, implementation of multichannel communication solutions for their customers, and finding the best way to ensure the fastest ROIs.

Industry focus

Communication Services, Production & Manufacturing, Retail & E-commerce



Primary specialty

System Integrator, Value Added Reseller (VAR)

What our
technology partners
say about us

Cybr Consult is honored to partner up with Infobip to build the best customer experience solutions for our mutual clients. As most of the marketing, sales, and support activities move to the digital domain, we aim at helping the market players use multichannel communication experiences in a smart way that will get them improved KPIs, happier customers, and reduced costs.

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